ArmaGado is a brand and a product of inspiration that symbolises environmental awareness.

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Slide Structure The geodesic shape is a rigid structure, that will last many storms and can tolerate adventurous climbers. The safety it provides is highly calming and relaxing. Space Room for life Your ArmaGado® Outdoor Shelter has versatile use to accommodate the versatile happenings in life - productivity, entertaining guests, play, romantic dinner, you name it! Cover Adjustability The interchangeable covers for sections, integrate seamlessly and easily creating a sheltering atmosphere. Choose your own level of coverage Functionality The interchangeable covers for sections, integrate seamlessly and easily. Creating a sheltering atmosphere. Cover Nature Function & form Imagine. Protect. Inspire. ArmaGado garden dome ArmaGado® has a spherical shape that scientifically is proven to provide our psychology with the much needed calm and feeling of safety. Rigid and safe
A place for all those moments combined

ArmaGado® is constructed entirely by hand using sustainably sourced materials. The materials are selected with great care, to ensure they will last a long time, and can be fully returned back to nature without causing harm.


Armagado® offers many possibilities for use, due to its unique structure, that celebrates creativity and out of the box thinking. ArmaGado® can be your outside office, gym, place for pets or a flower garden. Perhaps it can turn into a roof over your jacuzzi or even become a part of your tradeshow. It also simply is a beautiful place to rest or gather in a romantic or celebratory setting being perfect for families. The possibilities are truly endless.

Sturdy & Wind resistant

Global climate crisis is real, and we have seen winds stronger than ever before here in the UK. ArmaGado® is built to withstand our changing climate, be it wind, strong rain, or flood.


ArmaGado® takes shape in the extraordinary geodesic structure. So natural, so seemingly simple, yet marvelously complex and unusual. The shape invites creativity and play, as you can easily climb the structure, decorate it and make it your own in whichever way you find.

We designed ArmaGado® for our changing climate and needs

Body and The Planet with ArmaGado®

It is clear that we need to make more sustainable decisions for how we operate on a day to day basis. How we act impacts nature. Everything is connected, and ArmaGado seeks to create a holistic sustainable lifestyle. Manufacturing is a serious polluter, and even more so, consuming products that only last a season or two.

As a company, we are therefore committed to both operating and manufacturing in a sustainable way. We choose our materials sustainably, we design sustainably, and our products last.

ArmaGado brings you the best in luxury garden design. The Dome Shelter and Brachiation Ladder are unique in design but versatile in use to fully integrate with your home and lifestyle. Nature and design flawlessly combined. ArmaGado- where nature matters.


ArmaGado® exists to inspire wellness & creativity in a world so detached from nature.

ArmaGado Dome Shelter

Body and the mind with ArmaGado®.

In the last century, our day to day life has changed dramatically, and as a result, we are disconnected from nature. Our biology however, is much the same. ArmaGado wants to bring you back to nature – more hours outdoors, surrounded by a calming and safe environment.

The ArmaGado Dome Shelter takes its rigid and reliable structure and shape from nature. Humans are geared to feel most relaxed beneath spherical shapes, as we all have begun our lives in the most safe environment we could have ever been – the womb. The ArmaGado® dome offers the much missed spherical shape in our lives, triggering comfortable feelings of safety, inspiration and calm.

The ArmaGado Brachiation Ladder encourages children to use their imagination and play in the great outdoors. Brachiation is the action of swinging from your arms and is an important exercise for children’s development- let your little monkeys wild as the ladder strengthens their muscles and develops their mind.

…we believe ArmaGado® is able to not only transform your garden, but also your mindset, bringing a more wholesome vibe into your environment.

The many different ways of using ArmaGado® speaks for itself.

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